This is a replay of Bookenz Café Podcast Episode One (1).

Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere – Kelly introduces the Bookenz Cafe podcast, and her partner in crime Judith.

In this episode, Kelly and Judith introduce themselves and they share their thoughts and ideas on the crumbly chocolate cake and the NSW Government Target Zero campaign (and why it won’t work). They discount the gender card but do speak to what women “can do” and what men “can do” and challenge us all to adopt a different “mindset” when it comes to getting the best out of others. They accept that work is a game (and draw comparisons to McDonald’s and the rules that get you in and out of a game) and awkwardly wrap it all up with “it’s a wrap” (groan – our apologies)…

What we talked about:
1. The Bookenz Cafe e-book
2. Work Strife Balance (Mia Freeman)
3. The Game Changer (Jason Fox)
4. The Founder (2017)