The deliciousness of reflection, recording and writing a diary

Helen Garner, an Australian author we both love, often talks about the “deliciousness” of diary writing and reflection. It’s not for everyone though, so in this podcast we talked about learning how to write, learning how to be grateful and learning how to complete safe-to-fail experiments.

We share Spinach & Feta Filo Pastries, our dealings with rude wait-staff, the LinkedIn Social Selling Index and we stumble over the finish line on this one. We hope however that you enjoy!

What we talked about?

1.Helen Garner (Conversations Podcast) –

  1. Anne Lamont (1994) Bird by Bird: Some instructions of writing and life.
  2. Garvey Berger & Johnston (2015). Safe To Fail Experiments.
  3. Check your Social Selling ranking on LinkedIn –