The Bookenz Cafe

Welcome to the Bookenz Cafe – a podcast, bookclub and all over show for working women and men who need to relax however remain interested in listening and learning to something different and new.

In this first podcast series, Judith and Kelly loosely share their stories (but more often their opinions!) about their interests, their reading/podcast/movie lists and their work (as business coaches & mentors). They invite you to view the world through their eyes and have a laugh with them along the way.

Through their online book club, Judith and Kelly ask questions, frame answers and then ask more questions about the wonderful worlld of books.

EP 25 Interviews and All That Jazz

In this episode we go back to basics around preparing your CV and presenting well at interview. Think you know all there is about that – listen in to our podcast and perhaps you can learn just that little bit more.

What we talked about?

  1.     Bookenz Leadership CV template

EP 24 Goals gone wild

New Years goals… Holiday goals…Return to work goals…goals goals goals!

Don’t get us wrong, goal setting is great (we thoroughly recommend it!) however narrow goals, conflicting goals and goals that erode your organisational and team cultures are actually not cool. We talk of our own goals and share stories of goals gone wild. And did you know that the age at which you peak in psychological wellbeing (apparently and according to science) is actually 82?

What we talked about?

  1. Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Over-Prescribing Goal Setting
  2. Bookenz Leadership Goal Setting worksheet
  3. Here are the ages you peak at everything throughout life


EP 23 Making Yourself Indispensable

Inching forward and playing to your strengths, managing your fatal flaws and bringing your whole self to work are all parts of making yourself indispensable.

The benefits of getting and giving good 360 degree feedback, using self awareness tools and understanding the powers in being happy at work are also discussed – as is the history of Christmas Pudding. Enjoy!

What we talked about?

  3. University of Pennsylvania Authentic Happiness Questionnaire Centre –


EP 22 The deliciousness of reflection, recording and writing a diary

The deliciousness of reflection, recording and writing a diary

Helen Garner, an Australian author we both love, often talks about the “deliciousness” of diary writing and reflection. It’s not for everyone though, so in this podcast we talked about learning how to write, learning how to be grateful and learning how to complete safe-to-fail experiments.

We share Spinach & Feta Filo Pastries, our dealings with rude wait-staff, the LinkedIn Social Selling Index and we stumble over the finish line on this one. We hope however that you enjoy!

What we talked about?

1.Helen Garner (Conversations Podcast) –

  1. Anne Lamont (1994) Bird by Bird: Some instructions of writing and life.
  2. Garvey Berger & Johnston (2015). Safe To Fail Experiments.
  3. Check your Social Selling ranking on LinkedIn –

EP 21 Oh! To Exit Gracefully!!

The apology of Don Bourke (where he tried to explain the origins of him being called out as a complete sexist pig) is a topic of interest to us on this podcast.

We try to explain that there is a way of apologizing and exiting gracefully (no, it’s not the way Don Bourke did it) and that there is a way of dealing with Corporate Psychopaths. Who better that Judith to explain such a deliciously rich topic as this one! Yew!

What we talked about?

  1. The Art of the Apology (
  2. David Gillespie (2017). Taming Toxic People.
  3. The Importance of Soft Toys –




Ep 20 Dirty Jobs

Welcome back to the Bookenz Café but now in 2018! We have decided to take a slightly different approach to our podcast this year – mostly, that we are going to try to stay on track and that we are going to focus on what’s current and highly meaningful to you, our listeners.

In this episode, we talk Dirty Jobs and the relationship that Dirty Jobs have to finding meaning, pride, reward and recognition in work. We talk diversity; humility and what makes us all feel good. And we talk baklava and pistachio biscuits … mmm.

What we talked about?



Ep 19 Bookenz Cafe (A replay of Episode 1)

This is a replay of Bookenz Café Podcast Episode One (1).

Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere – Kelly introduces the Bookenz Cafe podcast, and her partner in crime Judith.

In this episode, Kelly and Judith introduce themselves and they share their thoughts and ideas on the crumbly chocolate cake and the NSW Government Target Zero campaign (and why it won’t work). They discount the gender card but do speak to what women “can do” and what men “can do” and challenge us all to adopt a different “mindset” when it comes to getting the best out of others. They accept that work is a game (and draw comparisons to McDonald’s and the rules that get you in and out of a game) and awkwardly wrap it all up with “it’s a wrap” (groan – our apologies)…

What we talked about:
1. The Bookenz Cafe e-book
2. Work Strife Balance (Mia Freeman)
3. The Game Changer (Jason Fox)
4. The Founder (2017)

Ep 18 H&S Education Futurism Part 2

In this second episode of the 2 part series, Kelly shares her own H&S educational, leadership and “all the rest” journey solo.

She talks about the role that education has in the H&S industry and to the anchor that a technical skill in safety has (recommendation:get it, then leave it alone – study something else or you will start frothing at the mouth!). She talks second hand economy, notes from 1999 and the magic of Millennials (that is, the Gen Y type – not the kiddy type).

What we talked about?

  1. Provan, D., Dekker, S. and Rae, D. (2017). Bureaucracy, influence and beliefs: A literature review of the factors shaping the role of a safety professional. Safety Science, 98 (2017) pp. 98-112.
  2. Safety Myth 101, Carsten Busch
  3. Safety I and Safety II The Past and Future of Safety Management
  4. Occupational Therapy Australia
  5. OHS Professional Magazine – quarterly magazine from the Safety Institute of Australia
  6. Social Sensemaking, Rob Sams

Ep 17 Education Futurism Part 1

Well, these next 2 podcast episodes are a cracker.

In this 2 part series, Judith shares her career through education (from nursing out of the UK with a backpack to, yes; becoming a Fulbright Scholar) and through the ways she has always been focused on “what’s next” in her job and certainly her world.

She talks about Lasado Ratios, civil disobedience, the Langley Institute and then buggers off to Tasmania for (another) holiday.

What we talked about?

  1. The Next Generation: Preparing Today’s Kids for an Extraordinary Future, Tony Ryan
  2. Fulbright Scholarships
  3. Losada Ratios (the positivity ratio)
  4. Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Ep 16 Understanding the Mental Load

For all of the wrong (?) reasons, mental Load is so hot right now. In this podcast episode; we discussed mental load, perfectionism, listening and what to do if you’re a truly invisible.

No stone is left unturned as we hop around from the beauty of Dior, to the Design of Everyday Things, to “Angry Cleaning” (we totally recommend it!) and to the timeless classic in explaining the Time vs. Quality Curve. We hope you enjoy.

What we talked about?

  1. Ladies We Need to Talk – ABC Radio
  2. Time vs. Quality Curve
  3. Time: The Kalief Browder Story
  4. The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman
  5. Look Me in the Eye – SBS
  6. Dior & I